Our Graduates

Graduate Students

1.     Shadi Khayyo, M.S (Medicinal Chemistry, February 2021)

2.     Laura Parisi, Ph. D. (Chemistry, January 2020) – Currently Scientist at Eurofins/Sanofi

3.     Alyssa Aldrich, M.S. Medicinal Chemistry (May 2019) – Currently Research Scientist at RPCI

4.     Nasi Li-Purcell, Ph. D. (Chemistry, September 2019) – Currently Scientist I, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston

5.     Nita Chavez, Ph.D. (co-mentored with Prof. Diana Aga, Chemistry, May 2019) – Currently Senior Scientist at Merck & Co, Inc.

6.     Darleny Lizardo, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, September 2018) – Currently Senior Scientist at Intellia, Boston.

7.     Eryn Matich, Ph. D. (Chemistry, September 2018) – Currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the University of Arkansas, Medical School

8.     Isin Tuna Sakallioglu. M.S. (Medicinal Chemistry, May 2017) – Currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska

9.     Lauren Morrow M.S. (Medicinal Chemistry, February 2019) – Currently employed at Zeptometrix Corporation, Buffalo, NY


Nicole Colon-Rosa (REU student, 2021)

Nate Foley (class of 2022)

Alexis Cardarella (B.S. 2019)

Madison Mattheis (B.S. 2019)

Vichea Khoy (B.S. 2019)

Emily Chou (Undergraduate researcher, Chemistry; joined Purdue University, Health Physics Graduate Program in Fall 2018)

Dorcas Nsumbu (Undergraduate researcher, Chemistry)

Luke Izydorczak (Undergraduate researcher, Medicinal Chemistry BS/MS)

Ming Zeng (Currently associate scientist in Wuxi Apptec)

Jun Hui Yeoh (Currently in UB Chemistry Graduate Program)

Ying San Leung, McNair Scholar, (Graduated 2016)

Mike Olyer (REU student, 2015)

Kasey Morrow (REU student, 2014)

Chris Brais  (Currently in UB Chemistry Graduate Program)

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