Selected Publications

(*Corresponding author)

Parisi L.R., Morrow L.M., Visser M.B., Atilla-Gokcumen G.E.* (2018) Turning the spotlight on lipids in non-apoptotic cell death. Accepted ACS Chem. Bio. doi: 10.1021/acschembio.7b01082


Matich E., Ghafari H., Camgoz E.**, Caliskan E.**, Pfeifer B., Haznedaroglu B.Z.*, Atilla-Gokcumen G.E.* (2018) Time series lipidomics analysis of green microalgae under nutrient stress. Accepted Biofuel and Biotech (** undergraduate researcher)


Li N., Sancak Y., Frasor J.M., Atilla-Gokcumen G. E.* (2018) A protective role for triacylglycerols during apoptosis. Biochem 57:72-80. TOC copy.jpg


Lizardo D.Y., Parisi L., Li N., Atilla-Gokcumen G. E.* (2018) Non-canonical roles of lipids in different cell fates. Biochem, 57:22-29 copy.jpg


Parisi L.R., Li N., Atilla-Gokcumen G.E.* (2017) Very Long Chain Fatty Acids are Functionally Involved in Necroptosis. Cell Chem Biol DOI: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2017.08.026

graphical abstract copy.jpg


Chavez Soria N. G., Montes A., Bisson M. A., Atilla-Gokcumen G. E.*, Aga D. S.* (2017) Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolic Profiling to Assess Uptake and Effects of Silver Nanoparticles on Arabidopsis thaliana Env. Sci. Nano, 4: 1944-1953.



Lizardo D.Y., Lin Y. T., Gokcumen O.*, Atilla-Gokcumen G.E.* (2016) Regulation of Lipids is Central to Replicative Senescence. (2017) Mol BioSystems, doi:10.1039/C6MB00842A Identified as “HOT” article.



Matich E., Butryn D., Ghafari H., del Solar V., Camgoz E., Pfeifer B., Aga D., Haznedaroglu B.Z., Atilla-Gokcumen G.E. (2016) Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics of Value-added Biochemicals from Non-model Microalgae, Algal Research 19:146-54


Li N., Lizardo D., Atilla-Gokcumen G.E. (2016) Specific Triacylglycerols Accumulate via Increased Lipogenesis During 5-FU-induced Apoptosis, ACS Chem. Biol. 11(9):2583-7



Luo D, Li N, Carter KA, Lin C, Geng J, Shao S, Huang WC, Qin Y, Atilla-Gokcumen GE, Lovell JF. (2016) Rapid light-triggered drug release in liposomes containing small amounts of unsaturated and porphyrin-phospholipids. Small. 12(22): 3039-47.


Mondal N, Stolfa G, Antonopoulos A, Zhu Y, Wang SS, Buffone A Jr, Atilla-Gokcumen GE, Haslam SM, Dell A, Neelamegham S. (2016) Glycosphingolipids on Human Myeloid Cells Stabilize E-Selectin-Dependent Rolling in the Multistep Leukocyte Adhesion Cascade. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 36(4): 718-27.


del Solar, V., Lizardo, D., Li, N., Hurst, J., Brais, C., Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E. (2015) Differential Regulation of Specific Sphingolipids in Colon Cancer Cells during Staurosporine-Induced Apoptosis. Chemistry & Biology 22, 1662-70.

toc_final copy.jpg


Horner IJ, Kraut ND, Hurst JJ, Rook AM, Collado CM, Atilla-Gokcumen GE, Maziarz EP, Liu XM, Merchea MM, Bright FV. (2015) Effects of Polyhexamethylene Biguanide and Polyquaternium-1 on Phospholipid Bilayer Structure and DynamicsJ Phys Chem B. 119(33): 10531-42.


Singh, R. R., Lester Y., Linden, K.,G., Love, N., G., Atilla-Gokcumen, G., E., Aga, D., S. (2015) Application of metabolite profiling tools and time-of-flight mass spectrometry in the identification of transformation products of iopromide and iopamidol during advanced oxidation. Environ Sci Technol. 49(5), pp 2983-2990

Singh TOC


Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E, Eggert, U. S. (2015) A comparative LC-MS based profiling approach to analyze lipid composition in tissue culture systems. In D. Owen (Ed.) Methods in Membrane Lipids New York, Springer;1232:103-13.


Muro E.*, Atilla-Gokcumen G.E.*, Eggert, U. S. (2014) Lipids in cell biology – how can we understand them better? Mol Bio Cell 5;25(12):1819-1823 (*Contributed equally)

Muro TOC


Atilla-Gokcumen G. E.*, Muro E.*, Relat-Goberna J., Sasse S., Bedigian A.V., Coughlin, M., Garcia-Manyes, S., Eggert, U. S. (2014) Dividing cells regulate their lipid composition and localization. Cell 156, 428-439. (*Contributed equally).

Atilla TOC


Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E., Bedigian, A. V., Sasse, S., and Eggert, U. S. (2011) Inhibition of glycosphingolipid biosynthesis induces cytokinesis failure, J Am Chem Soc 133, 10010-10013.

Atilla_2 TOC


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